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Cranial Osteopathy

  Osteopathy Is a gentle way to unwind tension in Babies and Adults alike.

Cranial osteopathy is a gentle, non invasive form of manual therapy used by osteopaths who have had training in this field and have developed the ability to detect the subtle changes in tension and quality of movement and tissues. Victoria has studied with the Sutherland College of Cranial Osteopathy.

The aim, as with traditional osteopathy, is to unlock the body's own powers to heal itself by removing any restrictions and unwinding patterns of compensation around areas of previous injury.

Cranial osteopathy, above all, is gentle and calming. 

Cranial osteopathy is probably best known as a soothing treatment for babies; aimed at reducing tension that may have built up during the birth process or in-utero, which may have a positive impact on colic, sleep, and contentment in a baby.

Most importantly paediatric osteopaths are trained to identify issues that need other treatment modalities and will refer you and your baby on if that were to be the case. Victoria hold a Postgraduate Certificate in the Paediatric Osteopathy from the UCO. 

Osteopathy with Victoria Diamond, Osteopath (MOst, PGCert, MSCCO) has helped patients find a new way to understand their discomfort or chronic pain. Patients of all ages with chronic pain conditions, new acute injuries, or those who simply want to experience effective techniques for healing and wellness can book in with Victoria now.






Find out more about cranial osteopathy here:

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