Cranial Osteopathy

  Osteopathy Is a Gentle Way to Realign For Babies and Adults Alike.

Cranial osteopathy is a gentle form of manipulation, massage and manual therapy performed by an osteopath who has a deep understanding of anatomy and healing techniques that can leave patients feeling renewed and on the path to healing. Cranial osteopathy is gentle. Shed any ideas about sudden pops and cracks. The key to gentle and highly effective healing is expert training in human anatomy and methods that work to actually repair. Osteopathy with Victoria Diamond, Osteopath (MOst, PGCert, MSCCO) has helped patients in the area find a new lease on life and allowed them to look at their chronic pain in a whole new way. Patients of all ages with chronic pain conditions, new acute injuries, or who simply want to experience effective techniques for healing and wellness are invited to book in for osteopathy sessions and begin to look at their health in a whole new light.

Cranial osteopathy for babies reduces tension that may have built up during the birth process, which may have a positive impact on colic, sleep, and contentment in a baby. Birth can be a physically traumatic experience for both the mother and the baby and cranial osteopathy can help unwind built up tensions from this event. An infant cannot say that they have neck pain, headaches, or general discomfort. They can only cry to show their pain or discomfort. Osteopathy for babies is common and the most gentle expert care is given to these youngest patients. If your baby or toddler has been showing signs of discomfort do not brush it off as just their personality or as growing pains. They can receive real hands-on help in a cranial osteopathy visit. If their condition requires repeated sessions, you will find that they do not mind returning because all treatment is gentle on the child. Most importantly paediatric osteopaths are trained to identify issues that need other treatment modalities and will refer you and your baby on if that were to be the case. 

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