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Treatments & Specialities


Manual therapy that seeks to relieve tension and restore balance to muscles, ligaments, connective tissue and joints of the body to regain or maintain optimum movement and function. Can be used to prevent injury, or maintain good health as well as getting you back from injury or pain.

Plant in White Pot

Sports Massage

A treatment to support the recovery of aching muscles and to optimise muscle condition for sport.

If you have suffered a sporting injury (and not necessarily from sport!), I would recommend you initially book in for an osteopathic assessment and use sports massage as a preventative going forward.

Cranial Osteopathy

A very gentle manual therapy that is integral to osteopathy. It is deeply calming and is often a very useful adjunct when dealing with babies, the elderly or someone in acute pain.

This is not booked as a separate treatment type, but is a technique I will often use in a treatment plan.

Tropical Leaves

Perrin Treatment for CFS/ME

A manual treatment for sufferers of CFS/ME focusing on lymphatic drainage and techniques to regulate the autonomic nervous system to improve the bodies own ability to flush out toxins being held in the body.


Pregnancy Massage

A calming and deeply relaxing massage to relieve the tensions and demands of pregnancy both physically and mentally.

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, I would initially recommend you book in for an osteopathy assessment so that we can treat it appropriately and then switch to 'maintenance' massage treatments.

Closeup of Succulent Plants


A technique used in conjunction with osteopathy which combines a mindfulness and acceptance based approach to helping patients overcome chronic pain.

This is not booked as a separate treatment but I will normally chat about pain mechanisms and offer you this if I felt it was needed.


TREATMENT:                                LONDON   KENT

OSTEOPATHY FOLLOWUP                 £75      £55 
PERRIN ME/CFS FOLLOW UP            £70-5    £50 
PREGNANCY MASSAGE                   £90       n/a
SPORTS MASSAGE                         £90       n/a

Some Testimonials:


Dancer and Chronic Fatigue sufferer:

"Victoria is a brilliant osteopath. Over the last year I have come to her a few times with sports injuries or with pain that didn't seem to have a clear cause. Each time she has taken the time to do a full diagnosis and helped me figure out how to both fix it in the moment and prevent it in future. Last time I saw her the pain had been keeping me up at night, and after only one treatment it was gone! Victoria is friendly, professional, and makes me feel comfortable at all times during the treatment. She is happy to explain what she is doing, and always asks for consent before she starts a new part of the treatment. I have a disability that affects my muscles, and Victoria always remembers and takes it into account during treatment. At the same time, she understands that movement is my job, and will quickly patch me up so I can get back to work. Both as a person with a disability and as a dance teacher, I recommend Victoria Diamond very much!"


Actress and Trapeze Artist:

"Victoria is an excellent osteopath who won't be thwarted by tricky problems. She's very versatile and thinks outside the box in her approach. I've been to various other osteopaths before her, and have a rather tricky back, and she didn't give up until she found something that worked. She's clearly passionate about her work and constantly improving her skill set. I recommend her highly!"

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