Osteopathy Consultation

  “Fix It In The Moment – Prevent it In The Future” With an Osteopathy Consultation With Victoria Diamond Osteopath.

Are you tired of recurring pain? Are you ready to take a new approach to health care that addresses your current issues, but (arguably more importantly) also helps you prevent future flares up and pain? It is time for an osteopathy consultation.


The practice of osteopathic medicine is about “prevention, and whole patient focus” according to Andrew Taylor Still, MD. He experienced the ups and downs of medicine in his own life and that inspired him to study deeply into the human body and how it manages to gather capacity to heal itself. He learned to treat illness within the context of the whole body and to seek ease, not disease.


Osteopathy can be an alternative approach to using medication to mask pain in the hope that it will go away, especially for those that find that it doesn't.


Osteopathy treats the whole patient, teaches them about how their body works and choices they can make to improve areas of their lives that can make a difference to the way they experience pain. It helps them heal with hands-on therapeutic soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and exercise. .

Victoria Diamond is a skilled osteopath who stays busy at three clinics in central London and Kent.  She has gained a reputation as a conscientious, knowledgeable healer who really cares about each and every patient. Schedule your first appointment with an osteopath to begin the path of a healthier lifestyle and a whole-body approach to medicine.

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