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Sports Massage Therapy

  Sports Massage Therapy Can Help Your Body Heal More Effectively.

Massage therapy is not just about unwinding tense muscles. An important aim of sports massage is to prevent future injury and increase healing capacity by improving circulation and movement.

You can receive a "sports injury" even if you are not an athlete. It may be in the form of a sprained ankle from taking the stairs too fast, an injured muscle from playing too rough in the garden with your dog, or a dozen other common things that people do. The results are the same: pain in the area that could use professional help to heal as effectively as possible.


Sports massage therapy is recommended for anyone who has a pulled, sprained, or injured muscle.


Pregnancy Osteopathy /  Massage

Pregnancy massage therapy can help ease some of the body's pain and discomfort in the muscle groups most called upon while carrying the baby. But did you know that pregnancy massage therapy is also effective for reducing nausea, headaches, depression and heartburn?

A regular pregnancy massage or pregnancy osteopathy treatment can really make a difference to a person's pregnancy. If you or someone you care about is suffering from discomfort in pregnancy, contact Victoria Diamond, Osteopath for an osteopathic consultation or a pregnancy massage therapy session.

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